Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 4, 2017

WOW! Almost 4 months have gone by since I last wrote!  Time is ticking by and so much is going on.  Now that we are on a 6 week rotation it's like a mad dash to the finish line!  People always ask me what do you love the most about your mission and I always have to say....being with the missionaries.  They are such wonderful young men and women.  They work hard, play hard and are here to serve the Lord and take His gospel to everyone and anyone who will listen.  It is hard, rewarding work!
Joe was baptized on Tuesday evening and it was a wonderful meeting.  What a great young man and what great faith.  Sister Thompson and Curran, our Bel Aire Sister Training Leaders, taught Joe. Many ward members from the ward and from the ward he is moving into were there for him. Support from the ward is the Best!  Kansas is full of wonderful people!
Wednesday night we had the Mission Leadership Council or MLC to our home for dinner. All 30 of us ate up stairs then went to the basement for the rest of the meeting.  It was the first time we have had them all in our home together.  Usually we do this meeting at the church but this was much better, much more intimate and everyone loved doing it this way.  
The next day, Thursday, we took our MLC to the Oklahoma City Temple.  The only bus we could find available to drive us was a school bus.  That sure brought back memories of my elementary school days!  The Temple is about 2 1/2 hours away.  As we drove there, Mitch led a discussion with the missionaries and did some teaching. We are being very prayerful in working to move this mission forward. There was nothing better than seeing angel Moroni on the spire as we drove in.  I LOVE the TEMPLE!!!  We were able to do a session and then meet with the Temple President, President Campbell and be taught. We met he and his wife last summer as we both spoke at the Derby and Wichita stake conferences together.  What wonderful people they are!  We ate lunch in the church building right across the parking lot from the temple.  It was nice and cool and gave us a little more time in air conditioning before we headed back in the bus!  The ride home was much warmer then the ride there but we made it! It was a beautiful and memorable day for all!
Yesterday we had the privilege of attending the baptism of Terry in Burlington Kansas.  I drove and as we stared out it began to rain like no other.  Sister Worthington, our mission nurse, calls that a frog choaker! It was a little scary but I just slowed down and all was well.  The baptism was at the outdoor community pool.  Terry was seated on a lift and was lowered into the water while Elder Lemon and Clawson stabilized her.  Elder Lemon baptized her and it was a beautiful thing.  We headed back to the church for the program.  Our two senior sisters, Sister Cochrane and Junior spoke on baptism and the Holy Ghost and did a wonderful job.  I was so touched by both talks and the Spirit bore witness to me that all they were saying was true.  This Gospel is true and it's so amazing that our Heavenly Father has provided a way for us to return to live with Him again.  He is our Father! He loves all of His children!  He wants us all to return to be with Him! I KNOW THIS IS TRUE!
Today, Sunday, we are holding a mission wide fast.  What a great way to end the wonderful week we have had.  THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!

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